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"Deb does exemplary work! She is a perfectionist and wants you to be happy with everything she sews for you. Her alterations are professional and they fit like a dream. I cannot recommend her and her work highly enough!"   Sue H.  

"Deb is an accomplished seamstress.  The alterations she has done for me are virtually impeccable!  Deb has the creative ability to take a garment that does not fit or is out of date and turn it into a trendy well-fitting piece of art!  She is so talented and has many innovative suggestions when altering clothing.  Deb is not only a very ethical and talented seamstress but she is so very kind and accommodating!  She is a gem!  Thanks Deb! "  Susan L

"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my dream dress.  My wedding day was perfect and we are enjoying married life."      Sincerely, Camille S.
"Thank you so much for turning my beautiful wedding gown into a dress that fit me perfectly.    Your seamstress skills are wonderful.    I felt like a princess on our wedding day! 
Peter's comment upon seeing the dress:
                       "I hoped it would look like that." "
                                           Sincerely, Whitney R.

"Thank you for your part in my perfect wedding. 
My dress and hair piece were perfect!"
Mitzi W..  

"Deb Rockwell; you rock!"
Kathy C.

"Thank you so much for all your help and hard work to make my dress beautiful on my wedding day. It was the perfect length to walk down the isle and dance in!  It was such a pleasure to meet you.  Take care."
Sarah K. 

After picking up his altered suit coat and jackets, Ed showed his wife what we did for him.  His wife said, "Deb did a fantastic job!" 

"I just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with the curtains you did for me,  My husband even remarked how they turned out really great. You couldn't have done a better job!!  Thanks again."    Joan E.

Excerpt..........from a client's note:
"Thank you for working on my dress.  I'm not a big girly girl, but my dress made me feel beautiful, like a princess and you helped make that happen."..  Olivia D.

"Thank you so much.  The skirt looks great.  I really appreciate the pick up and delivery.  I'm sure I will be using you again."   Catherine S.

She took a nice dress, hand applied literally about 1,000 Swarovski crystals, took my grandmother's 72 year-old veil, restored it, used the old netting as the... crinoline in the replica doll she made of me in my wedding dress. The doll was originally given to me by my grandmother when I was 5. My wedding earrings are the same as the doll has. This woman has super-human powers and patience."    Jean F.  

"THANKS!  The suit is gorgeous! Will send pictures after the christening on August 18th."   Penny W.
Excerpt..........from a client's note:
"Thank you so much for your generosity, kindness and hard work fitting me and my family in our dresses.  It was such a pleasure working with you - thanks for making me look and feel beautiful on my Wedding Day! "   Jackie P.
"Just have to say that I love Debs Sewing Service, AKA Deb Rockwell, she has done so much for me and my son lately.. just gotta love it. IF ANY OF my friends need a good seamstress/sewer/tailor, I would highly recommend her she is in WMSPT area."  Brandy G

"You deserve to use the words professional seamstress.  Our chair cushion covers look beautiful. "  Joey 

"I'm so grateful to Deb's sewing service. I bought some really cool jeans on line and they were too small. I was told by some that they were a lost cause and could not be made to fit me. I met with Deb and she was full of ideas. I got the jeans back yesterday and they fit perfectly. I'm so thrilled. She even added her own touches that work with the design of the jeans. I'm so happy!!! Deb has a creative mind and is a true professional. Thanks!!!!" 
Debra M.
  • "Just checked out an amazing website for an amazing seamstress in the Williamsport area. From her (PT) delivery vehicle to an easy going visit to her shop, there is nothing to dislike about working with Deb. This has been true for over 20 years of service to my uniforms and civilian attire. --"thanks ma"    Martin R.
"I love her!!!! My husband loves her more as he runs over for a button that fell off his work shirt. I can do a may hang a bit or have a big wad of string in a matted mess.....ehhh, who am I kidding?!  Martin, can we clone your mom?? I need her too!! ♥"   Heather D.
Excerpt..........from a client's note:
"I knew you would do a beautiful job completing my pillow, a special gift for my mother.  You understood the gift, the purpose and the memories that I stitched into each flower of my tapestry, the time and so much love.  Thank you for making my dream of giving it to her become a reality.  You executed the process with such professionalism.  May the future only bring you JOY and possibilities for growing a fulfilling business.     Bless you."       Barbara M.
"She did a good job on a bridesmaid dress a few years back! If I still lived there (Williamsport) I would definitely  be visiting her for other things as well! "    J. R. 

If you'd like to add your own comments, go to our
Guest Book  page, or e-mail Deb directly at
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